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The Triangle: A Different Take on the Dining Experience

For the adventurous eater, ready to accept the challenge, Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area is filled with options that surprise and satisfy the palate, defying the status quo for a typical evening on the town. While the area is rife with many great traditional, All-American options, it is also incredibly easy to spice-up the average Friday night dinner-and-a–movie combination without straying far from the beaten path.

The possibilities seem endless, whether searching for great sushi, salsa, stromboli, or szechuan shrimp!

Feeling eager to sample something entirely new? Local fare consists of menus and classic dishes from ethnically diverse areas of the world, including India, Poland, Jamaica, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and Brazil—to highlight a few. Global cuisine has a strong foot-hold in the Triangle area, but—equally important—the region also stays true to its Southern roots with eateries creating fried chicken, biscuits, and North Carolina BBQ recipes that are tough to top. The search for culturally vibrant and eclectic cuisine generally comes with an added benefit—a break from the predictable pace and service offered in a conventional chain restaurant atmosphere. In many cases, a surprise for the taste-buds comes wrapped in a unique, locally-owned package.

While these out-of-the-way hot spots may take a few wrong turns to locate, they are usually well-worth the trouble! Whether sitting at a posh oyster bar sipping an ice-cold vodka martini, or pulled-up to the counter at a local diner or brew-pub, restaurants in the Triangle provide an ambiance and dining “experience” that leaves an impression to rival that of the food itself.

Raleigh and the Triangle has something to satisfy the choosiest of diners, whether seeking a quiet meal with savory comfort food and friendly service, or looking for an experience to transport the imagination across the planet, to an entirely new culture. Though it may be located on Main Street or down a secluded side-street, in a strip-mall or a gas station, a novel and diverse dining experience is awaiting discovery!

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