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The Nspire Network: Inspiring Change Across the Nation

We have all heard the horror stories that surround the female menstruation cycle. It is a running gag in popular culture about how terrible that time of the month can be. While it is an unavoidable time in every woman’s life, it does not have to be a dreaded one! Companies like the Nspire Network are working hard with women all over the world to make menstruation less of a frustration.

The Nspire Network is an organization that is driven by people! The global company produces high-quality products through the use of cutting-edge technology. Yet, they remain committed to providing life changing opportunities to all of their partners and customers by demonstrating the highest level of integrity and character. Not only does the company offer sophisticated and high-quality hygiene products, but they offer customers an opportunity to join their organization and make a difference in the world.

Adrienne Kennedy, a registered nurse and supporter/distributor of Nspire, has nothing but praise for the work that the organization does. As a health professional, she feels it is her obligation to inform women all over of these products and how life-changing they are. Kennedy was encouraged investing her time and money into the Nspire Network through her daughter and niece. She wanted to be able to provide better comfort and safety to those girls and women who get a monthly menstrual cycle

Another reason that Kennedy feels obligated to get the word out there about Nspire and their products is because the current pads on the market are composed of recycled material like newspaper and plastic bags. As Kennedy puts it, “The FDA doesn’t regulate this industry that produces the feminine pads. Nspire may not be FDA approved but we are on their radar for informing consumers of the alternative product now available for women across the United States and with good ratings.” With pads and other products being made from recycled materials, oftentimes women on their cycle will experience pain and cramping that is derived from the release of the chemicals within the pads containing recycled trash. These pads are worn up against a female’s body for a period of 2-4 hours which can cause health issues or even cancer.

In fact, the harmful effects of the sanitary products currently offered is the driving force behind the Now We No campaign. This campaign is working hard to keep men and women informed on the negative impact that sanitary Adriennesquare-01products can have on women. This movement has partnered with women’s organizations and awareness groups to host events such as 5k walks, bike rides, and basketball games to inform the public about this serious issue affecting women all over the globe. Nspire not only creates first-class nutritional and wellness products, but they also want to raise awareness and educate people to live healthier and safer lives!

For those who are unsure of the products that Nspire offers, you can check out live product demos online. Simply search for “Nspire” on YouTube and you will be able to see product demos as well as hearing firsthand experiences with the products. Local customers have taken to the Internet to share their satisfaction with Nspire and the products they offer. In fact, a Raleigh native contacted Kennedy to let her know how comfortable the products were and how “there was no noticeable odor and a noticeable difference in comfort vs. the cramping experienced when using other products”. Needless to say, this customer was completely satisfied and vowed to purchase more while suggesting the company to anyone who would listen!

You can find out more about Nspire and join their network of distributors by visiting Adrienne Kennedy’s website https://www.nspirenetwork.com/kennedy1 or emailing her at 1happynurse@gmail.com. On the website use Code: Kennedy 1 to receive a 10% discount.

You can also read about the amazing work of the Now We No campaign and join their mission at www.nowweno.net. There has never been a better time to make a change in your life and the lives of women all over the globe by joining the Nspire Network! Connect with Adrienne today for transparency from a Registered Nurse that sees Nspire as a woman’s breakthrough!

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