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Terms and Use Policy

Reproduction or use of editorial or content in any manner without the written permission of The City Insight, Inc. is strictly prohibited. The City Insight has various sharing functions connected to its content, which is allowed since it not only represents the exact formatting and credits as it appears on The City Insight website, but also redirects readers back to the original source on TheCityInsight.com. Authors and regular site visitors are allowed to share any article hyperlinks to their networks and friends since it redirects them back to TheCityInsight.com, which is the original source. To request The City Insight’s RSS feeds to appear on your website, permission must be granted in writing, or this would infringe on the copyrights of The City Insight, Inc.

IF PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE CONTENT IS GRANTED BY THE CITY INSIGHT: Then copying of Contents, in whole or in part, is permitted provided that the by-lines of The City Insight are kept intact and unchanged. Hyperlinks and/or URLs provided by The City Insight must remain active. A link to the TheCityInsight.com site (either by printing the URL, http://www.TheCityInsight.com/, or by providing an anchor tag to that location, depending on the medium) is suggested. The opinions expressed by contributing authors to TheCityInsight.com are their own. TheCityInsight.com bears no responsibility for contributing authors’ opinions. Artwork and associated graphics used on TheCityInsight.com may be reproduced and distributed, provided that visible credit is given to TheCityInsight.com, the author, and/or photography of the actual article. Purposes other than copying the Content with which this agreement was intended are outside the scope of this agreement and is subject to legal ramifications.

Before we add any content to our database, please understand these guidelines so you will be aware of what is accepted and what is not accepted for article submission to be featured via The City Insight. Send us an email and include your first/last name, residency city and state, website, business affiliations (if applicable), category of interest, and any special notes for our editorial staff. After we deem you as an approved contributing writer for The City Insight, we will respond with your account details.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your article to The City Insight, Inc. you agree that:

  • You are the author of the article in question and you are its copyright holder.
  • You will write high-quality informative articles. Any articles or photographs relating to pornography, sexual abuse, religious hatred, promotion of crime,violence or any illegal activity should not be submitted.
  • Must not contain information on hacking/cracking content, bomb creation, support for terrorism/ radicalism/ religious fanaticism, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, steroid use or advocacy, weapon/ firearms/ ammunition/ balisongs/ butterfly knives or brass knuckles, or the promotion of hard alcohol/tobacco-related products or prescription drugs.
  • Must not be an advertisement, promotional coy, sales letter, or excessive and blatant self promotion.
  • You give permission for your article to be published in The City Insight Magazine, its website(s) or partners/affiliates websites. Also you agree that it can be made available for republishing by us without asking for any compensation.
  • Even though most of the good articles are published, that doesn’t guarantee that your article will be published. We reserve the right to reject, remove or edit any article or its headline.
  • We reserve the right to display any type of ads on the pages of your article(s).
  • Sometimes mediocre articles are also published just to give encouragement to new writers, but such articles may be deleted at anytime. The decision about quality or deletion is the prerogative of the editors.
  • Even though The City Insight, Inc. has a team of editors, do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. Check the spellings carefully and write grammatically correct sentences.
  • Must not be a submission of the exact same article as one that you already submitted. Some authors have submitted the same article multiple times with only a few words changed in the body — we reject these and ban authors who engage in this practice.
  • You will not advertise or promote any source through the means of the article’s content unless otherwise suggested by the editors.

After you are approved as a contributing writer/author for The City Insight, we will communicate via email regarding article ideas that fit into your selected category(s). We will also determine if we will accept articles for print media.

Send an email to editor@thecityinsight.com and include the following Items inside your word document (.doc):


  • Your full author name
  • Your email address
  • Date of submission
  • Category of article
  • Title of article

Note: Unless specified by The City Insight, your article must be a minimum of 250 words and no more than 2,000 words. For us, an ideal article size is 400-750 words.

Attach any images that are related to your article in .jpeg, gif, or .png format and specify the source of the images  We have the right to use or reject images that you submit if they are infringing on any copyright laws from the original source or if we simply rather supply our own images for various reasons.

These guidelines apply for a user that is a contributing writer, a user that post any comment to any article, blog, or review, or a user that has the ability to submit events in our event calendar. It is mandatory to abide to the following practices:

We do not always actively monitor use of the blog or article sections of our website or event calendar, which means that editorial control over the content is not always intact. We reserve the right, but are not obliged, to monitor and to remove or alter any content which we consider, in our sole discretion, constitutes a misuse of these rules. We may restrict, suspend or terminate your use of these services or the site where we believe that there has been such a misuse.

As a result, you may be exposed to content on The City Insight or on sites accessible over or through the The City Insight that you find offensive or objectionable. Your use of the registered content is at your own risk.

The following Content is prohibited:

  • Copyrighted material and trademarks that are used without the express permission of the owner
  • Advertisements, promotions, solicitations or offers to sell any goods or services for any commercial purpose, unless suggested by The City Insight
  • Pornographic, sexually explicit or obscene content
  • Content that exploits children or minors
  • Content that discloses or contains any personally identifying information beyond a first name about any person who appears to be under the age of 18 or that includes private, confidential information
  • Content that we have reason to believe was posted for malevolent purposes, including libel, slander, defamation or harassment
  • Content that may be deemed grossly offensive to the The City Insight community, including, but not limited to, blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or profanity
  • Content promoting or providing instructional information about illegal or illicit activities
  • Content that transmits or contains viruses, corrupted files, or any similar element

These are only examples and is not meant to be an exclusive list of the type of misuses of the interactive services that may result in the restriction, suspension or termination of your access to The City Insight and its subsidiary websites. Due to the global nature of the internet, users hereby agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Users also agree to comply with any applicable rules regarding the export of any data from any country.

We are not responsible for the loss, deletion, failure to store, lack of delivery, or untimely delivery of any content submitted to or transmitted through The City Insight.

The opinions expressed in any blogs, articles, and reviews are not necessarily ours. Any statements, advice and opinions made by participants are those of such participants only. We shall not be held responsible for any statements, advice, opinions or other content or materials on The City Insight. You release us from claims and demands of every kind and nature, known and unknown, howsoever arising out of or in any way connected with a dispute with another user of this website.

Here are some pointers of how to appropriately promote your article, blog, or event:

  • Copy the hyperlink of the article and pass it to your social networks, email list; etc.
  • Create a blog or comment in a blog that is related to your article and hyperlink your article within the blog
  • Copy the hyperlink of your blog and pass it to your social networks, email list; etc.
  • Create a blog or comment in a blog that is related to your event and hyperlink your event within the blog

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