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Rings True: Jewels From The Titanic To Jewels For You

The City of Raleigh voted one of the best places to live in the United States continues to attract more and more unique specialty businesses to serve the diverse Raleigh population. Karl Linger, owner of Rings True, is one of the few independent jewelry makers in the Raleigh area. If you love jewelry, you know owning a custom piece of jewelry is more than a pleasure; it’s an investment that can be handed down to generations to come having both sentimental and monetary value.

Linger began in the jewelry trade when a frequent guest in his NYC taxi noticed his interest in jewelry and asked if he would like to learn more. From there, his time as a jeweler took off. “I learned in more of an apprenticeship program, and taking positions in one company and moving onto other companies that had a higher skill level and level of production.” Linger has trained at the famed Oscar Heyman Bros in Manhattan; that supplies some of the world’s finest jewelry and stone settings for such retailers as Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Tiffany and Company, and Bailey, Banks and Biddle.

Rings True is an artisan jewelry shop in Raleigh that focuses on creating custom jewelry. As the name suggests, there is a particular emphasis on wedding and engagement rings. Linger works with hisKarl Linger Working
customers to design and create rings that show what they value most. And even for those not looking for a new piece of jewelry, Linger also does restorations. Linger, having been one of the few jewelers in the world asked to restore pieces recovered from the RMS Titanic, the luxury liner which sank on April 15, 1912.

Linger’s experience with all sorts of jewelry makers brings the highest quality of craftsmanship to any pieces he works with. Linger has also built the setting for one of the world’s largest diamond.  Linger now brings his forty years of experience and expertise to Raleigh. Not to mention his dedication to the craft, where he states, “I’m willing to go the extra distance to make sure my work is what it’s supposed to be. I get a really great sense of fulfillment when I complete a piece and I feel like it’s been done well.” And no Rings True_Outsideworries for those who are concerned about the miners or the planet because Rings True uses fair trade and ethically-sourced materials. “The most important thing is the quality of my work and the fact that it’s carried out in an upright fashion.”

Linger’s shop is situated in the Ridgewood Shopping Center. It is private and reassuring that anything you decide on will be quintessentially you. “As you’re talking about a customer’s order or a special piece of jewelry, you’re sharing a little bit of your story, and they’re sharing a little bit of their story, and it becomes a very personal kind of experience.” It doesn’t end when a design is settled either. Linger’s workshop opens into the main front of the store, so you can watch him while he works on your jewelry. So, for the jewelry that means the most to you and yours, Karl Linger is a choice that Rings True.





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