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Raleigh’s Own, Rising to the Top in Hip Hop

Joey Crisp a.k.a. R. O. Hutch is an upcoming, Hip-Hop sensation, who is ready to show the world what he is made of with the release of his first single, “Every Time”, featuring Epic/AwesomeLife newcomer, Swift. R.O. Hutch is no stranger to Hip-Hop and the Triangle area. First appearing on the underground circuit in 2008 with his mixtape sampler SOUTHSIDE STAR, then accompanied by platinum selling producer, and first cousin, Black Jeruz, Hutch has been developing his craft. Raised around music all his life with a father who was a pianist and a mom who was involved in the church choir, music became part of his life. Raised from very humble beginnings, Hutch started out writing poetry, which led to writing songs, and eventually rap lyrics.

Hutch describes his childhood as being raised from very humble beginnings. “I come from humble beginnings but instead of using it as a crutch or excuse to kind of bullshit through life. I used it as
motivation and I decided at an early age I would determine my life. I would not let society or my situation, but my ability to get up and do what I wanted to do, determine how I live my life, whether it was rapping or working in a job making $180,000 a year.”

Hutch who is also inspired by the rapper Notorious B.I.G a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, grew up on the same block that Biggie use to hustle on when Biggie was in Raleigh. “I have a friend who knew and hung out with
Biggie and he has a Ready To Die poster where Biggie wrote the three things he was going to get when he made it big.”

Besides Biggie, Hutch has admired Andre 3000, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Tupac and Lauryn Hill. In addition, he began to look at his music seriously after seeing the success and being inspired by Black Jeruz, who has produced for G-Unit, 50 Cent, and Busta Rhymes, to name a few.RCP_1480

Hutch describes his music as “My style of rap is raw energy. I play off energy; I translate off of the beat. I bring energy, realistic energy whether it’s good or bad.” “My music is emotion. It is an inspiration. I speak on things that I have issues with while growing, and ways I was able to overcome those problems.” When asked how would he describe himself, he replies “a man of perseverance and determination. My reality led me to put messages in songs and lyrics to a degree.” When asked who he is as an artist, he without hesitation replies, “I am a raw talent, a seasoned talent. I am energy personified.”

Hutch is a good example of how he determines his future. With a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management and near completion of a Master’s degree in Health Informatics, his career choices match Hutch as a person. He cares about people and delivers his life lessons learned through his lyrics and as Joey  his Master’s in Heath Informatics will enable him to come up with innovative ways of helping businesses solve complex problems.

“Every Time” the first release from his EP “The City” narrates the energy of positivity and love as it pertains to relationships in this fast-paced modern day. Hutch’s melodic flow pattern and witty wordplay blends effortlessly with the vintage sound of Swift on the vocals. Produced by N.C.’s own Kari Atare, this track seeks to capture the rawness of relationships in its entirety, everything from fears, to aspirations and dreams. Not often enough do we hear hip hop music that uplifts relationships. Rarely in this genre do we hear artists speak about love and respect for their counterparts. Every Time was written and intentionally authored to tailor to the couple or individual who loves passionately and has goal and desires to love someone.

Hutch believes his humble beginnings contributed to who he is as both a musician and man. “The things I like most about the city in which I was born and raised, Raleigh N.C., is the fact that we are a melting pot of sound, culture and tradition. With this, I mean, here in Raleigh, in terms of music, we are too Southern to make “East Coast” (NY, CT, IL, MI) music, but we are too Northern to


make “Down South” Music. This has led to a variation of sound within the Carolinas. I use this fact as motivation in terms of curating and confidently presenting my own sound. I use the slogan “Believe In Raleigh” for this very reason. I want my fan base or general listener to “Believe” in me, and trust that the experiences I’ve had growing up, life lessons I’ve learned, and am still learning, will all make for great music and or energy. I would like the listener/fan to believe in my ability to make the best out of my situation and hardships. I need my fans to not only believe in me, but to also believe in themselves. Through my music I’d like for the listener/fan to come away inspired to face any and all challenges he or she may face in and throughout their lives. This is a characteristic I’ve developed here in Raleigh”.

“It’s simple, in terms of the goal. Make it undeniable.” -R.O. Hutch

To find out more about R.O. Hutch you can visit his website at https://www.ROHutch.com

Follow the artist on his official portals; details are given as below:

Instagram: ROHutch919

Twitter: ROHutch919

YouTube: R.O. Hutch

SoundCloud: R.O. Hutch

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