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New Collar Extender Design Launched by Comfy Clothiers

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — After just less than one year on the market, the leading brand of collar extenders on Amazon – Comfy Clothiers – has launched a new design featuring a white button center.

The new design is a variation of the brand’s current top-selling collar extenders, which feature an all-metal button design. This “new white button design” is designed to have the collar extender button match the other existing buttons on a dress shirt, thus blending in. Typically the collar extender is used on the top button of a dress shirt and then hidden behind a neck tie or bow tie, but this new button design ensures that the collar extender will not be noticed even if the tie is crooked or adjusted momentarily.

Collar extenders solve the problem of tight or uncomfortable dress shirt collars when wearing a tie. For many men, this is a daily annoyance when wearing work attire. For others, the “tight collar” is a dreaded discomfort when attending more formal occasions.

Comfy Clothiers launched its line of collar extenders in early 2015, and less than one year into operations the brand is already the top-selling collar extender product on Amazon. The brand and its newest collar extender design were both launched by Jon Payne, a digital marketing serial-entrepreneur and previous sufferer of uncomfortable dress shirt collars.collarextender2web

“The new design is really just an aesthetic change on the appearance of the button face versus our other collar extender products. While it’s a small improvement on form rather than function, it was one that had been requested by our customers and so we’re excited to bring this to market an offer another styling option in this niche,” said Payne.

The original design – http://www.amazon.com/Comfy-Clothiers-Collar-Extenders-Shirts/dp/B00WFGO51W – and new white-button design – http://www.amazon.com/Comfy-Clothiers-5-pack-Collar-Extenders/dp/B01D1ZDKXO – are both available for sale on Amazon.com with a free shipping option for Amazon Prime customers, and are also available for sale at the company’s own website.

About Comfy Clothiers
Comfy Clothiers is a leading brand of clothing accessories that bridge the gap between style and function, ensuring that “looking sharp” and “feeling comfortable” are not mutually exclusive concepts. The brand was formed in 2014 and began selling its first product in early 2015 on Amazon. Comfy Clothiers is a division of Net Focus Media, LLC. Visit http://www.comfyclothiers.com/ for more information.

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