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My Career Developed From My Passion

Master Barber Rossano Harris, a native of Goldsboro, North Carolina has called Raleigh home over the years. Rossano started developing his craft at the early age 13, when his mom put a pair of clippers in his hands and from that point on there was no turning back. A graduate of Park West Barber College in 2014, Rossano has been cutting hair professionally every since.

Rossano Harris is not just your average barber but he is a licensed master barber. Master barbers are barbers who have mastered men’s hairstyles and hair services. They are skilled in not only hair cutting, but coloring and the use of styling tools like shears, clippers and razors. They are also trained to do permanent waving and hair relaxing, in addition to facial services.

Rossano makes it a practice to stay current on both techniques and products, while not only mastering the art of cutting heads but beards as well. Additionally he has also mastered the art of shaping eyebrows for all genders. ”I am very critical of myself. I like to make sure every line is precise to provide my customers with superior service”, Rossano states.

A father himself, Rossano understands and respects how a trip to the barbershop may not be a child’s most desirable place to go. Rossano adds, “As a father I am good with children. I am patient and I understand it may be the first time and it’s about building a rapport with the child just as you would with an adult. But patience is the key and sometimes a lollipop.”

Rossano performs a wide range of services to both male and female clients depending on the look that’s desired. Some of the services consist of regular haircuts, mohawks, fades and designs. As a master barber, Rossano can offer you a professional 24-karate gold facial and a charcoal black mask. I use the 24K gold because it tighten and rejuvenates the skin while the charcoal mask removes blackheads and cleans the pores. Guys what a great way to relax while getting your trim and/or shave by incorporating a hot towel treatment.

Rossano states, “Natural hair care is the in thing, as well as blow-drying and feminine shape-ups known as cleaning up the line also referred to as the kitchen. A tapered shape up is really good for female customers because it accents the feminine hairline.” Rossano Harris Banner Ad

Everyone has a bucket list and for Rossano it is to service his favorite artist T.I. with a fade and provide services to Rick Ross with an emphasis on his beard. Rossano also supports his community by providing discounts to enrolled college students who present their student ID, along with discounts to first responders.

Rossano can be found at his booth located at 861 Old Knight Rd., Suite 110 in Knightdale or at your home by ways of his mobile service. There is a $50.00 minimum service required to obtain the mobile service. To reach Rossano Harris, one of the Master Barbers aspiring to be the best in the Triangle, you can call him at 919-973-8616.

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