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Mentorships Open To Local Women Entrepreneurs Ready to Achieve Excellence

RALEIGH, NC, October 16, 2017- Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc., is on a mission to equip women entrepreneurs to become successful in their journey of obtaining success and becoming future women leaders of tomorrow, by offering Leaning EJ program which contains a mentorship component. Leaning EJ – An Entrepreneurial Journey is a CAP project of Dress for Success by their 2017 Delegate, Abonni Anthony. Abonni is bringing forth 10 women owned businesses through her organization; Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. prepares future woman leaders of tomorrow. They understand the key ingredients of streamlining and passes that knowledge to those connected. Additionally, there are assets of knowledge and information that are relayed to recipients under the tutelage of Achieving Excellence Consulting. This is due to the intense focus to serve women of the Triangle, by allowing their successes in leadership to match another woman’s desire to achieve excellence through specific mentorship. The Leaning EJ entrepreneurial journey is a process to identify women that are ready to take the steps of ownership, with some informational help and tangible tools. It also offers established businesses to come in as a vendor and also to give back to the community by sponsoring a future leader of tomorrow.

Every event will be held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh. These are the journey’s events:

Dec. 2, 2017 (9am-1pm) – Speed-Preneuring Fair is designed to be the beginning of the journey to answer questions for interested entrepreneurs. The fair is free for participants, but entrepreneurs who would like to participate should email achievingexcellenceas@outlook.com for pricing and availability.

Jan. 6, 2018 (8am – 5pm) – Entrepreneurial Workshop is for potential and established entrepreneurs that are serious about the success of their business. This fee-based workshop will cover four key areas; Marketing, Wholeness, Process and Finance. This workshop serves as the gateway to the journey for those desiring to be chosen as one of the ten businesses that will be launched. The workshop material is the application needed, along with an in-person interview before the deciding committee.

Feb. 10, 2018 (8am – 5pm) – Entrepreneurial Mentor & Mentee Session is only open to the 10 business owners chosen by the deciding committee. This session will be a time to set up the businesses with websites and tools, as well as half the day will be spent with a mentor specific to the individual’s industry that can give very detailed information to assist in the journey toward Achieving Excellence in business. Mentors that desire to pay their success forward can email achievingexcellenceas@outlook.com.

Feb. 20, 2018 (7pm – 10pm) – Business Launch Party is a celebration session for the people that have collaborated to make this journey a success. The 10 new business owners will celebrate their journey with family, friends and those that made the journey possible.

*To support these efforts, Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. is having a Snapchat Buddy Walk to raise funds for the journey and to ensure the women will have the tangible tools to ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE!!! The projected budget calls for $500 per woman. We ask for support in this endeavor as well as entrepreneurs to be a part of the fair. We also seek sponsorships to assist us in our endeavors. Click here for more details: http://www.achievingexcellence220.com/fundraiser.html 


About Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc:

The mission of Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. is to build and empower the new women leaders of tomorrow through education, mentorship and specific support.

About Abonni Anthony

Abonni Anthony has expertise in process improvement for both the business and team process. With Ms. Anthony’s second Masters being an MBA in Management, she is currently enrolled in the Ph.D program for Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University. There, she desires to focus her dissertation on the advantages of single teenagers, after raising their children, in this generationally diversified workplace. Her desire is to build a tool that will allow one to see the affects their birth time has on their career perspective.

SOURCE: Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc.

CONTACT: Abonni Anthony, (919) 449-1736, achievingexcellenceas@outlook.com

RELATED LINKS: www.achievingexcellence220.com

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