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Jerome Jones Teaching The Love of Life Through Art

Jerome W. Jones, Jr., has been painting since he was a child. His art is an expression of the life we live. His paintings have captured athletics, entertainers and civil rights leaders. His desire to become a painter started in his younger years as early as elementary school. “As far back as I can remember I always loved drawing, painting and creating. I have a gift to paint and draw so I have always known I wanted to be an artist, which has been a blessing,” he states.

He was able to pursue his passion in art with the support of his family, he recalls, “I had a wonderful family, who always encouraged me to live my dreams.” He humbly describes his talent as a god-given gift. “I give the credit for my talent to the Heavenly Father.” Jerome grew up participating in the Boys Club, it was with the Boys Club where he gave his first one man art show, showcasing over 75 pieces of his artwork. Jerome finds his inspiration for his painting from biblical scriptures and from people who are doing great things in their lives. “All of us are artist in our own field. I like to honor people who inspire me”. He has a collection of more than 100 signed paintings in his portfolio from such people as Steve Harvey, Willie Mayes, Alex Hailey, Terry Bradshaw, Edwin Hawkins, the late Cab Calloway, James Cleveland, Maurice White and Oliver Hill.

While living in Richmond Virginia in 1979, Jerome was introduced to Michael Jackson by Michael’s father Joe Jackson, when the Jackson Five were in RichmondjeromeandMJ to perform a concert. Michael viewed Jerome’s entire portfolio and provided him encouragement by complementing him on his work, according to Jerome, Michael Jackson told him his work was incredible and people need to see it. This was just one of two great experiences with icons referred to as MJ. The next experience was when Jerome was then commissioned to do a painting to present to Michael Jordan. So, in 1996 Jerome had the pleasure to meet Michael Jordan at a basketball camp and to present him with the painting. Jerome describes these two meetings as one of many highlights in his career.

Another hightlight according to Jerome was “One of my favorite artist, singer and songwriter is Steve Wonder. I grew up on his music.” Jerome had the pleasure to meet Steve Wonder during one of his concerts. Stevie Wonder invited Jerome on stage to show the painting which was a collage of Stevie Wonder’s career to the audience. The audience, who loved his work, gave Jerome a standing ovation. He was later invited to attend an event showcasing Stevie Wonder’s album, “The secret life of Plants”.

Jerome has a collection of over 100 autograph paintings called “INGENIOUS ARTISTIC MINDS” or for short the acronym IAM. The collection consists of civil rights leaders, authors, entertainers, and athletics, just to name a few.  The majority of the signed works of arts also contain meaningful messages such as “God is My Everything”, written by Steve Harvey along with his signature. “One of my goals is to exhibit the entire collection in one venue”.

My son Jeromyah, who is also an artist, will be with me in February to showcase one of our exhibits for Capital One Headquarters in Virginia in celebration of Black History Month.  Also in 2017 Jerome is looking forward to unveiling an exhibit titled “The Disseratation on Peace Based on Solutions to Solve Problems Solutions for Pollution that Plague Our Planet.” He is also looking forward to bringing his vision for a facility to house the Painter’s Poetree and Love Life Center. “The Love Life Center is the vehicle I use to teach the love of life through the love of art and Painting Portraits where I market my paintings, limited and open edition prints, poetry books and greeting cards”. He created the print titled “The Door of No Return/The Return”, for Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc., which will be featured in the 2019 Motherland Homecoming Project, which will mark the 400th anniversary of the Middle Passage, a forced voyage of enslaved Africans to America.

newtonandjeromeJerome, who is also a poet, states his philosophy for art is as follows in the Seven Arts:

There is an art to loving life

There is an art to creating art

There is an art to marketing

There is an art to being in the right place at the right time

There is an art to seeing

There is an art to Being, Being who I am, what I am and Where I am

This art comes from the Master artist I am that I am

“I will always believe art can be used to raise awareness about the problems and issues in our society as well as inspire others to share the gift they were given to make the world a better place. The art of life through the love of art is his message.”


To learn more about Jerome W. Jones visit his site http://jeromewjonesjr.com/


Written by E. “L” Frazier

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