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It’s More Than Just Meal Preparation

In today’s culture we like to have the options of both convenience and luxury while remaining budget conscious. Alongside our busy schedules time is something most of us do not have enough of. We have all skipped a meal or two during the week; however, quick and easy may not offer the healthiest or best quality of choices. Who amongst us would not like to come home and have someone preparing our meal for us? Dexter Henderson is addressing that issue by using his culinary skills, making meals available to you.

Dexter Henderson, the founder of the Professionals Catering Services, brings affordable chef prepared meals to you. A graduate of the Wells Culinary Institute, Dexter Henderson has spent many years in the kitchen of top-notch hotels perfecting his craft prior to starting his own business, the Professionals Catering Services in 1998. In addition to preparing meals, Dexter also offer event set-up at no additional cost.

Cooking since the age of 18, Dexter started his commercial culinary experience working as a cook followed by prepping food for major hotel chains. Eight years later he moved to the banquet side of catering and discovered this was his passion.

dhenderson3“Creativity and presentation is one thing I am big on and I must do it well since I have gained a lot of recognition for creating that ‘wow’ factor when you walk into a ballroom that I set up. Creativity and presentation is what sets me aside from other caterers. I received a lot of recognition from hotels I’ve worked for like Holiday Inn and Sheraton”, said Dexter. He also worked for the famous Peabody hotel for six years. According to Dexter, “the Peabody wanted me to teach them different styles of room set up like a chevron set-up used for weddings.”

Dexter also stated, “I have never set the same banquet twice in my 26 years. Creativity and presentation gets you repeat customers and our goal is customer satisfaction 100% of the time. In 26 years there were no complaints about my service. I can cook anything from recipes but my gift is presentation and bringing that wow factor. I do not specialize in any one kind of food as I can prepare any dish.”

In 2009, Dexter survived of a brain aneurism, which led to a massive stroke. This resulted in a loss of memory. “I had to learn to read again at the age of 45. It took me five years to completely recover.”

Dexter also stated that “From a dinner plate to the ballroom set-up is something I find to be very therapeutic. I have cooked for several celebrities like Kool and the Gang and Candi Staton to name a few. I also do fruit carving and some ice sculpting.” dhenderson1

When Dexter is not working he can be found walking the track at Chavis Park in Raleigh, North Carolina to get his exercise and imaging what he will be preparing and setting up for his clients. Professional Catering Services requires a two week minimum for all catering requests. Consultations are at no charge. “I personally can cook and set-up for a hundred guests without staff thus keeping the cost down. I have coordinated 46 weddings ranging from 50 to 900 guests.”

To find out more about Professional Catering Services you can visit http://www.yavanika.org/THEPROFESSIONALS/ or call 919-491-1598.

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