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Entrepreneurial Fair: It’s a Woman’s World!

It was James Brown who famously sang “It’s a man’s world” and, no offense to great Mr. Brown, but that is no longer the case. Women are slowly emerging as the top entrepreneurs in the business world! One woman who is proving that it is no longer a man’s world is Executive Director of Achieving Excellence Consulting and entrepreneur Abonni Anthony! This year, Ms. Anthony is working to ensure women get every opportunity to succeed by organizing an Entrepreneurial Fair!

So, what exactly is the Entrepreneurial Fair? Well it is a part of Achieving Excellence Consulting’s Learning EJ – An Entrepreneurial Journey! This fair is the initial step for finding the women who are ready to take on the mantle of business ownership! As Ms. Anthony puts it, “The fair is for those interested in finding out if they want to pursue ownership at this time.” At the event, participants will get the opportunity to sit down and listen to successful entrepreneur stories to see if they are willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice!

This year, the fair is being conducted in a new and innovative manner: speed-dating style! Each entrepreneur participating will be given an uninterrupted chunk of time to share his or her success stories, products, and services. Abonni is very selective in who she places in front of “her ladies” and has decided to only place 9 of the very best that the Triangle has to offer within this fair. Those selected will have had success in their ventures and epitomize excellent customer service. If you are an entrepreneur and feel that you fit this criterion, interested parties should email Ms. Anthony at AchievingExcellenceAS@outlook.com. Though please note that Ms. Anthony takes this very seriously and will want to personally interview potential candidates so bring your A-game.

While the fair will be free for participants, please note that there is a fee for entrepreneurs. This fee not only covers placement within the fair, but each entrepreneur will receive prime advertisement in The City Insight’s January/February digital version. Signup and subscription of The City Insight will be marketed vastly at “First Night Raleigh”, as The City Insight is a regular sponsor. This is an incredible opportunity for any entrepreneur. Additionally each entrepreneur will receive the marketing tools and strategy to market and highlight the article, leading readers back to the entrepreneurial initiative.

The “Learning EJ – An Entrepreneurial Journey Fair” will be taking place at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh on December 2nd from 9am to 1pm. So, if you think you have what it takes to break into the business world and you are ready to be your own boss, then you need to be there!

To learn more about Achieving Excellence Consulting, visit www.achievingexcellence220.com.

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