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Eluna Jewelry Designs: Nature’s Elegance at Your Fingertips

Since the beginning of time, the earth has provided mankind with precious gems and metals. Today, these marvels are used as accessories to complement our eyes, skin tone, or clothing. Each person is different when it comes to this artisan and its unique pieces.  April Williams, who had a passion for stones since her early childhood, founded Eluna Jewelry Designs, in 2006. At Eluna Jewelry, April creates pieces such as reverse sterling silver hoop earrings and gemstone jewelry. The jewelry is created from copper, silver, sterling silver niobium, and yellow gold filled metals. April stated, “From my earliest childhood memories, I have had a fascination with stones. I just love stones. My jewelry is designed for everyday wear. I like to think that my designs celebrate the elegance and simplicity of nature”.

The Eluna Jewelry line also offers hypo-allergenic jewelry for those who are sensitive to metals. Eluna Jewelry use Niobium, which is considered to be a hypo-allergenic metal in comparison to platinum and 18k gold. April stated, “This year I added a new line to my designs that was created specifically for women with metal sensitives. This new line features metal-free bracelets and necklaces, as well as earrings that consist of a metal called niobium (Listed as  by the American academy of dermatology.) This new line was an important step for me and was created to honor my mother who cannot wear most jewelry, due to metal sensitives.”  At Eluna Jewelry, April has developed a unique style of wire wrapping that focuses on allowing the natural beauty of the focal piece to stand out.  With all the many skills, April is also a lapidarist, which means that she is trained in the art/skill of cutting, engraving and polishing stones. This actually fosters further uniqueness in the pieces.

Eluna Jewelry is where you can find handmade jewelry that consist of unique beading and wire wrapping, and much more. The slogan for Eluna Jewelry Designs, which says “Where Nature and Elegance Meet Simplicity”, is a warm overall introduction to the designs created by Eluna.

If you would like something customized to suit your needs, Eluna Jewelry Designs also can make variations of its current styles at request. Forms of payment accepted are all major credit cards including PayPal. Items are shipped the next business day and gift boxes are available for an additional fee.

Please visit our website at www.elunajewelry.com

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