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D&D Barber Institute Provides Training For Students to Pass North Carolina’s Barbering Exam

Would you like to be thought of as one of the best Barbers’ throughout the Triangle? If your answer is yes then D&D Barber Institute is the place for you! D&D Barber Institute is located in Durham, North Carolina and is open to anyone wanting to further their career in barbering.

The owner, Jamie Hyman, has a strategic goal to provide development, training, and preparation for students to pass the State of North Carolina’s Barbering exam. This Institute is not only just for barbering, but it is also designed to build a stronger community while operating with expectations of students having the ability to obtain leadership, social, and interpersonal skills to function professionally.

D&D Barber Institute was founded by a friend of Mr. Hyman,who named the business after his parents. Mr. Hyman decided to become a partner on the business because he could relate to his friend in many ways; they both did not have their fathers in their lives while growing up. The barbering business was an escape to take their minds off of things. D&D Barber Institute is on the rise to expand on the variety of services that are provided for their clients and students, men and women. Mr. Hyman shares that he is “allowing the Institute to have beauty school at night within the next two months”. The institute partners with a company that gives free screenings, including free HIV screenings.

D&D Barber Institute strives to contribute to economic development to create a better community. Not only does this d and d barberInstitute perform generous acts such as give free hair cuts to kids, veterans, etc., but they also plan to reach out to Durham’s police department to collaborate together on making a positive difference within the city of Durham. He says, “we are looking for community help in raising funds to fix the facility being that it is an older school”. In addition, they are looking for volunteers to help create a better economy. They are doing as much they can in making a difference in the community. The goal is to build stronger communities through the implementation of technical educational programming and grooming services to individuals. Their mission is to enhance the development and talent in each student by providing knowledge and training in the arts and skills in barbering. Additionally, D&D Institute has held a Barbering Professional Development Workshop with Wake Technical Community College for those in the workforce in Continuing Education.

The Institute excels in helping others in any way possible, whether it is helping a student to develop into becoming a successful Barber or in helping the community. The organization successfully provides services to those who face difficult obstacles in life when meeting needs regarding employment, education, and access to business opportunities in low socioeconomic areas in Durham, North Carolina and in counties in close proximity. D&D Barber Institute will continue to serve the community while developing the city of Durham into a better place. For more information on D&D Barber Institute, visit www.danddbarberinstitute.info .

By: Tiara Sanders

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