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Brogden’s Jigsaw Part II getting rave reviews!

NC Author’s Jigsaw Sequel finding favor with fans and readers!

Goldsboro, NC August 21, 2017– Newly released JIGSAW, Part II picks up after JIGSAW (2010) ends the first novel in the JIGSAW series. Captain Cape Thomas has suffered a gunshot wound to the head, rendering him semicomatose for over three years. On the eve of his discharge from the hospital after two more years of physical therapy, a night nurse–either a figment of his imagination or his worst living nightmare–attacks him out of nowhere. Convinced in daylight by staff and his doctor that the attack was a trick of a healing mind, Cape bids farewell to the facility, his home for the past five years.

Once home with family in the Fisher mansion, strange things continue to beset him. Nooses and miniature coffins turn up in odd places and Cape begins to suspect that his old nemeses, Walter Cronus Kress and William Johnston, are responsible. These new terrors are real, but the cause for this unwanted, and ostensibly unwarranted, attention is still murky.

Veiled threats turn into a string of murders and there is no safe haven for Cape Thomas, even in the familiar cities, towns, and backwaters across Eastern North Carolina…danger lurks. When asked his simplified view of life, Brogden says, “I’ve always tried to face life like an oyster does—when given grit, give back a pearl.”

 About Author Ted Miller Brogden:

Ted Miller Brogden is an instrument-rated pilot, certified diver, internationally published author, and practicing raconteur. He spends most of his time in eastern North Carolina and points South, but his favorite city is New York.

Book Formats: Paperback (M E Publishing) Ebook: Kindle, Nook, iBooks. Available online:Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and book sellers around the world.

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