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Beyond My Expectations™ an indoor amusement facility with cognitive and physical skill strengthening courses


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February 3, 2017

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Raleigh, NC, February 3, 2017– New, advanced and returning athletes will soon have a fun great place to socialize and enjoy a little friendly competition.   Founder Kellye Jones consulted with a psychiatrist, physical therapist and strengthening coach over the past two years to create the indoor amusement facility Beyond My Expectations. Guests will have the opportunity to enhance their agility, stamina and fluid cognitive skills during each visit.  During the hours of 8:00am to 10:00am Beyond My Expectations courses will be modified to accommodate individuals with diagnosis such as autism, obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer Rehabilitation and other limited physical activity conditions.  Our courses combine the fun tasks of balance and coordination with total functional mobility for everyone.

As founder Kellye Jones, a mother of three diverse preteens, began to seek safe and engaging amusement for the entire family she also had to keep in mind their individual needs.  Her youngest son is one of the 48% of children with autism that elope, flee from a safe environment, when bored. Her middle son is one of the 50% of children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified Autism that experienced epileptic seizures and moved slowly. Her daughter, a USA Track and Field National Junior Olympics Medalist and a Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth student moved and solved problems quickly. As her children grew older, she watched her list of amusement options steadily dwindle right in front of her eyes.

Keeping in mind 50% of all persons are kinetic learners Ms. Jones sought amusement locations with physical, social and cognitive benefits.

Finding engaging, age appropriate as well as stamina developing attractions for teens and preteens became a dilemma.  Outdoor parks are built for ages 2-12, 94% of teens go online daily, approximately 1/3 of teens are either overweight or obese and currently 7 out of 10 students leave organized sports at age 13 because they feel like they cannot compete.  Dr. Tinney, MD,FAPA stated, “Teenagers develop new ways to solve problems. Beyond My Expectations is designed for ages 10 to 16 and presents a new opportunity to incorporate cognitive development with physical activity.”  The Center for Disease Control survey on Healthy Schools reported only 27.1% of high school students are currently participating in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

There are many benefits to regular physical activity for adolescents.  It improves strength, endurance, helps build healthy bones and muscles, helps control weight, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem, and may improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  The long term consequences of not having age and size appropriate entertainment options which challenge students physically and cognitively are obesity, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and more.  Wellcome Middle School Head Football Coach Lance Saunders states, “Children are often given the “quick fix” with medicine which only temporarily fixes the problem in comparison to what we plan to offer. To help children develop skills for life through physical activity which will also help with the ongoing issue of childhood obesity.”

Beyond My Expectations is an inclusive indoor amusement facility for the adventurous person.  It’s courses provide the option of less restrictions on current athletic ability.  It’s maze courses have been illustrated by Phillip Wolf a landscape engineer and engineered by Ryan Taylor, the President and Chief Engineer of Del Operations LLC to provide strengthening and greater independence opportunities. On February 5, 2017 during the half time of the Super Bowl, we will launch the website and host a 60 day all or nothing crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.  There are also investment opportunities.  It will take many who care to make this vision a reality for the many families and friends which benefit from modified and inclusive fun.  Be sure to follow us for upcoming web page contests, events and rewards.  We look forward to meeting you when we open the doors to a new opportunity for strengthening, fun and excitement at Beyond My Expectations.

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About Beyond My Expectations

Beyond My Expectations is a proposed 40,000 sq ft inclusive indoor amusement facility for the research triangle park area.  Beyond My Expectations unique design will include physical and cognitive skill strengthening courses which offer guests as opportunity for increased agility, improved stamina and enhanced fluid cognitive skills.  The self-paced timed courses and activities enable the super athlete to compete with peers and those with physical activity challenges such as autism the opportunity to further develop their independence and efficiency.


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