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Aspire 2 Acquire: Compassion is Community

There seems to be a lot of negative out in the world at the moment. Some days it feels like you cannot turn on the news or log into social media without being bombarded by page after page of discourse, drama, and downright bad stuff! Amid all of the negative, it can be hard to remember that the world needs less arguments and more compassion. However, there is one silver lining amongst all of this negativity: Aspire 2 Acquire!

Aspire 2 Acquire was born from the compassion and need for servicing communities within North Carolina through spiritual healing. The organization aims to invest time and attention to focus on community issues like housing, homelessness, the judicial system, reduction of drop outs and school suspensions, and the barriers of transportation. To make such differences, the organization engages youth and adults in intense and interactive events, informative weekly meetings, counseling sessions, and recreational activities to help them cope with real life situations. They feel a responsibility to make communities a safe and nurturing place for everyone!

A2A also advocates for persons with Epilepsy as they have been subjected to barriers when it comes to Warriors4Epilepsy
housing, employment, healthcare, and education! From this advocacy, the Warriors 4 Epilepsy was born to aid those with Epilepsy who have been fired, shunned, banned from public places, and bullied. To help eliminate the stigma surrounding Epilepsy and those who suffer, the Warriors 4 Epilepsy work to strengthen the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, increase enforcement by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and providing for parity in insurance coverage.

However, the fight against Epilepsy takes a more personal meaning for A2A founder Domita White. In 2011, Domita lost her brother Dannee to the disorder after a 30-year fight. More specifically, Domita’s brother was a victim of SUDEP or Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy, which claims over 50,000 lives annually but is rarely spoken about in public!  This loss motivated Ms. White to raise awareness of Epilepsy and all that it brings with it.

Aspire2Acquire2With November being National Epilepsy Month, A2A is working hard to bring awareness to Epilepsy. In fact, this past Saturday the organization held their Kool Dans 4 Life 5K Run/Walk for Epilepsy! Of course, these goals that A2A have laid out cannot be achieved without a little help. The best way to help A2A and all of their causes is by donating. Funding is a vital part of organizing these events to raise awareness and to contribute to the scientific and medical advances needed to find a cure!

Please save the date for the Lei’Lani Sierra White’s Book Signing Extravaganza in Celebration of Global Purple Day for Epilepsy. The date will be March 24, 2018 with more details to follow. Global Purple Day is celebrated annually on March 26 and it is like a holiday to celebrate Epilepsy.

To find out more about A2A and all of their events, visit their website: www.a2anc.com

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