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Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. Brings OYOB

The business world is changing daily with the influx of women entrepreneurs. Abonni Anthony’s desire to own her own business began as a child selling newsletters. Her first for-profit business provided special ordered crochet, knitted and crohook items. Her first non-profit 501(c)3 was a community based organization helping to match available services to people in need. She now has both a profit and a non-profit business. The current non-profit business was birthed through her being chosen as the 2017 Dress for Success Raleigh delegate. The delegates attended the Success Summit June of this year in Phoenix, AZ. This proclaimed a charge to return to the local office affiliate to originate and lead a Community Action Project (CAP); affecting the overarching statistics of women in poverty. As a business major, Ms. Anthony chose The Leaning EJ – An Entrepreneurial Journey.

Knowing full well the effects of women in poverty, the entrepreneurial journey is one that will identify women that are ready to put the necessary effort toward entrepreneurship. The specific journey consists of a fair for the interested, a workshop for the serious and a Mentor & Mentee for the ready. At the
project’s completion, 10 women will be chosen to receive valuable resources to achieve excellence. Ms. Anthony realized, this CAP would not be nearly as successful, if the project brought forth only the 10 businesses and not her own. On August 18th, she incorporated Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. This business fulfills her dream of marrying two of her passions; helping women and consulting. As a Salaried
Consultant, currently working for Robert Half, she brings to her clients a vast industry-wide resource. This organization will not only assist women-owned entrepreneurs, but will also utilize mentorship to pov2improve the career portfolios of her clients. Her leadership team for the CAP and the new business, consists of two women from the Dress For Success Professional Women’s Group and a Robert Half coworker in the Salaried Professional Services program.

Identifying the women that have a desire and a firm understanding of entrepreneurship, the CAP caters to the traditional entrepreneur, as well as the turnkey entrepreneur. The turnkey business is one that has low risk or startup costs. It can be done in your spare time and at your leisure. This is perfect if you do not have time or money to invest in a traditional entrepreneurial business. This is the perfect option for some women allowing them to make money quickly. However, the traditional entrepreneur must understand that it takes 3-5 years to find success and stability, enough to quit their full-time job. Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. follows this timeline and encourages others to do the same. Ms. Anthony believes that desperation to turn a profit will often cause one to make terrible business decisions.

This month, on September 16th, Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. will host an Own Your Own
Business (OYOB) Fair that will showcase these businesses and allow the entrepreneurs the venue to present their business opportunity for ownership. Buying a business is the easy part as anyone can do; however, being without the understanding of running it properly can be frustrating. Additionally, being able to take a business model and add the best combination of components for it to succeed can also be a
challenge. It will be held at the Dress For Success office in Raleigh at 1812 Tillery Place, Suite 105 in Raleigh, from 9am to 1pm. Entrepreneurs interested can register at www.achievingexcellence220.com. The cost is $30 and a basket will be auctioned. The money raised will provide the valuable resources for the chosen 10 traditional entrepreneurial businesses.

The mission of Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. is to build and empower the new women leaders of tomorrow through education, mentorship and specific support. Abonni Anthony has a vision of securing
RaleighSkyline_CityInsight_Propertyher future while assisting others through business ownership; however, it didn’t start out that way. Some 24 years ago, prior to moving to Raleigh, there was a seed planted as Ms. Anthony slept in her car trying to survive. That seed is her motivation and it is fueled by the women that have mentored her along her professional journey. The supportive women have created inspiration in her, which would spill over to others beyond measure. Since this new inspiration, Ms. Anthony has been able to propel the leaders of the future. Since she had that experience, she is an advocate of building others.

Abonni Anthony has expertise in process improvement for both the business and team process.
Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. understands the key ingredient of streamlining, with setting goals and belief in easy to follow processes. There are assets of knowledge and information that will be passed down to recipients under the tutelage of this organization. This is due to the intense focus to serve women of the Triangle, by allowing their successes in leadership to match another woman’s desire to achieve excellence through specific mentorship. With Ms. Anthony’s second Masters being an MBA in
Management, she is currently enrolled in the Ph.D program for Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University. There, she desires to focus her dissertation on the advantages of single teenagers, after raising their children, in this generationally diversified workplace. Her desire is to build a tool that will allow one to see the affects their birth time has on their career perspective.

A week prior to the OYOB Fair, vendors will gather to make their baskets and network. They can expect collaboration with other turnkey business owners to understand the purpose of the event. Multiple woman-girl-freedom-happy-39853_pexel
representatives from companies will be available to build teams specific to each person’s personality and drive. Technology tips will also be shared which can benefit those growing a turnkey business.

Looking for a second income? Make your turnkey business a success with the resources available from Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc.  Also the fair will be showcasing a business broker that will give participants an option of buying an established business, if in fact they want a business more controllable than a turnkey, without the original idea and heavy start-up costs. Achieving Excellence Consulting, Inc. stands at the ready to ensure that the new business owners have an additional lifeline to assist as they more toward ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE!!!

For more information, please visit www.achievingexcellence220.com

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